Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twenty-four years!!

Kallie turns 24 years old today!

She woke up, walked out of the bedroom, and saw massive amounts of neon post-its stuck to the big mirror in our eating area. Big smile.
She went to turn on her computer, and there was a sign, "look to the right" as if her newly awakened eyes wouldn't have noticed the neon! :)
Numbered 1 to 140, Kallie picked off the post-its and stuck them onto our table, creating a super sweet birthday card from her amazing hubby. It ended with "PS - check the microwave for a little something."
YUM! Double chocolate Milano cookies! Yes, please! She ate three for breakfast. Happy birthday, indeed!
She's really enjoyed all of the birthday wishes from friends on facebook, too. It's a lovely way to wake up.

For the rest of the day - she'll continue packing until David gets home. Then lunch. Then we'll head to Tallahassee for a wonderful, laid-back Thanksgiving! Kallie has requested a yummy home-cooked meal for dinner. Hopefully traffic won't be too awful! Eick!

Some pictures:
Birth announcements, so far:
The new knobs for the nursery armoire:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!
love, d&k.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good eating.

We've been working on our birth announcements - figuring out a design and deciding what we need to buy, how to keep the cost down, and what we can be done before Tova is here so there's less to do when it's time to send them out. We have the envelopes, stamps, and Kallie already cut down the 12x12" paper we ordered. We've kept the number down to 60, so we'll be sure to post the final product, since most will be sent to family. Kallie got her Gocco machine this week and is super excited to start printing with it. We'll be printing the announcements with Gocco; then gluing a photo of little Tova. In the meantime, Kallie will be printing new business cards. David helped her work on a great design. They'll be rad.

Thursday night, we had Thanksgiving dinner with our church. We took green bean casserole. It was a hit. The food was really yummy, but the best part was getting to know some acquaintances better. There's a younger couple, Heather and Ian, who have a 20 month old super super adorable little girl, Layla, that we met at Bible study the week before. We found that we have a lot of the same interests and we're really excited to get to know them better.

Friday night - dessert in downtown Lakeland followed by Netflix night.

Saturday was our Prepared Childbirthing Class. 9am-5pm. Some breathing exercises (yes, on the floor with a blanket and pillows), how to push, birth videos, toured labor/delivery and mother/baby rooms, etc. Touring the rooms was the best part. They're all single rooms and are really big and brand new. It was awesome to see them. We'll be there soon. :) We ended up getting out two hours early, so we drove to New Tampa, walked around the new outdoor mall, and went to dinner at Bonefish with David's mom and Hank. We had a lovely time and talked a lot. And ate creme brule. Yummmm. It's the wonderful thing in the picture - along with the awesome owl locket mom and Hank got for Kallie's birthday!
Kallie BD Dinner.JPG

Sunday after church, we went to Hyde Park and got new knobs for the nursery armoire (they look fantastic). It was a gorgeous day, so we walked around and went to the quaint park and had to give up our swings to little pre-teen girls. Then we went to dinner with David's dad, Louise, and Catherine at Stonewood. Super delicious and we had a really great time.

In store this week: 34 weeks along, OB appointment with a different doc on Tuesday, Kallie's 24th birthday Wednesday, and heading to Tallahassee for Turkey. It should be a great week!

Love, d&k!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We found out that our good friend Katie is moving to Salt Lake City, Utah, at the very beginning of January! We're really excited for her adventure and that she found a placement with her traveling nurses program. Go Katie! We're a little selfish, though, and are sad that she'll be so far away. But we send lots of love and excitement!

Last night, Lindsey and Joe came to visit us from Tampa! They've known David for years and years and we had a really good time getting dinner in downtown Lakeland and catching up! They're great people and hopefully we'll see them again soon!

Not much else going on. The countdown to Tova's arrival is at less than 7 weeks now. Crazy! Everything is still going quite well. We have our all day, 9am-5pm, birthing class on Saturday. Not too excited about being there all day, but it'll be nice to have it done. Kallie turns 24 next Wednesday. Also crazy.

Love, d&k.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Saturday Showers

It was pretty gloomy and rainy all day Saturday. Befitting for a baby shower.

We headed to Lutz for the first half of the day.

First, we checked out the crib mattress from David's mom and Hank:

Then, David went to lunch with Hank and Kallie and David's mom went to the Mahaffey's home for a shower. It was wonderful! Rachel was an amazing hostess, with super cute decorations and delicious desserts. Mrs. Mahaffey cooked a yummy lunch and everyone was able to sit around and chat and enjoy themselves. Really, a super great day. David and Hank showed up so that David could see all of the ladies he's grown up around. Then we opened presents! Well, Kallie opened them and David stood in the back and took pictures with her camera. He also chatted most of the time. Thank you so much, Rachel and Janice, for a very lovely day! These photos and more [here].
Laura, Kallie, David, Rachel.
David's mom took some photos, too!

After the shower, we went to David's dad's house for football and dinner. It's so nice to be a Gator! They gave Spurrier his worst loss ever. And the food was delicious!

We keep working on the nursery. It's looking fantastic and we're really excited to see main items getting put into the room. It's starting to take on a "look" instead of a hodge-podge. That's fun.

32 weeks and 5 days (yesterday):
Have definitely forgotten what this was like:
at 17 weeks.

Love, d&k.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vann Family Portraits Live

They're all on the proofs website and a great selection is located HERE!

32 weeks and well

David came home to this the other day. He had to take a picture. (PS: He loves the grey thermals and pigtails. Not sure how he feels about finding his wife knitting in a rocking chair. ;) )

We went to an appointment yesterday with a different doctor - a really nice guy. We're starting rotations now so we get somewhat familiar with the dr's in case they're the ones delivering our baby.
K lost a pound since two weeks ago, but that makes sense. We're back to summer clothing - no heavy shoes or sweater. We'll see what it is in two weeks and see if things get back on track (a pound a week). Tova is still the perfect size, so no worries! My blood pressure is still great. We found out that Tova's heart rate is between 135 and 140, which is perfect. It's so loud and strong. We love listening to it!
We also made our last payment to the clinic, and our payment to the hospital has already gone through, so we're all done! Unless Kallie has a C-section, we shouldn't owe much more after the delivery, and a lot of our baby care is already covered, so we should be set. That's a relief!
Oh, and the doc gave us a sheet of exercises to do to relieve some of Kallie's back pain. We'll see 1. if she actually does them, 2. if they help, if she does them. David chuckled out loud when the doc came back with the sheet.

love, d&k.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Get Ready for Bigger Photos!

Two things have changed, to mention:

1. Our blog is wider. That means photos will be bigger from now on, for your viewing pleasure! [Thanks to Scott for telling me back in June(!) how to do this - I just now read the email!]

2. Proofs Website:
zenfolio big pics.png
The preview photos are larger throughout the website. It's a great improvement. I hope you enjoy!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Well into November already!

Wednesday evening we had a fun time with Keith and Sav! The boys played some tennis and then Sav cooked a delicious fall-themed meal. Kallie brought pumpkin bread from a kit she stole from her momma. Yummy. Thankfully the weather has been on-and-off cool, so it makes the fall meal seem more appropriate. It's nice to have some winter-ish weather this year. Hopefully, since it started earlier than usual, it'll get colder and last longer. A true spring would be lovely. We'll see.

Kallie was ridiculously productive on Friday. David was impressed. But then she was worn out. So instead of going to downtown Lakeland for First Friday events, we made hot chocolate and watched a good movie.

Saturday was amazing. We drove to Gainesville and ate at our favorite pizza joint, Satchel's, with Katie and B. Then David and I had to scram for a bit so the girls could run some errands. We walked around the mall and decided not much had changed, except that the reason we went - David's root beer shaved ice kiosk - was no longer there. We headed back to Katie's home and spent some quality time with some of our oldest Gainesville friends (Katie, B, Monica, Melissa, Savannah, Jessica). It was wonderful. And the boys (Eric, Keith, David) decided to stay, which was quite nice. We played some silly games, ate, opened wonderful gifts, and really enjoyed ourselves. We love those people. A lot.
a drowning baby.
kallie found the babies quite amusing, hence all the photos of them. others were more weirded out.
Monica's ridiculous free handed letter cut-outs.
smelling diapers.
1. garlic, 2. mustard, 3. hot sauce, 4. BBQ sauce, 5. cinnamon
"my dad is Mr. Strong" from Katie
See them bigger by clicking on the photo. There's also more here.

After church on Sunday, we headed into Tampa to International Mall and met David's mom for a yummy lunch at Champs and then a JCrew trip. We had a really nice time (thanks, mom!) Then we headed to Channelside, where we met up with Keith and saw a really funny movie. It was nice to hang out. Then the two of us headed to JoAnn's in Brandon and realized the fabric Kallie wants (making burp cloths out of bamboo fabric) is pretty expensive and we don't have any coupons at the moment. So then we had dinner at Crispers.

Back to work!

love, d&k.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Vann Family Portraits

This was my second time shooting little Louise. It had been since May 2007 and she has grown up so much! She has little brother now, so she had to share some of the spotlight. This time, I was able to shoot the whole family and I had a great time catching up with everyone.

Winter Park hasn't changed much, which is great. I miss it and was happy to walk down Park Avenue after the photo shoot to get some Starbucks and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Here are some teaser photos from the Vann Family Portrait Shoot! The rest will be available in about a week!


Love, K.
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