Wednesday, November 12, 2008

32 weeks and well

David came home to this the other day. He had to take a picture. (PS: He loves the grey thermals and pigtails. Not sure how he feels about finding his wife knitting in a rocking chair. ;) )

We went to an appointment yesterday with a different doctor - a really nice guy. We're starting rotations now so we get somewhat familiar with the dr's in case they're the ones delivering our baby.
K lost a pound since two weeks ago, but that makes sense. We're back to summer clothing - no heavy shoes or sweater. We'll see what it is in two weeks and see if things get back on track (a pound a week). Tova is still the perfect size, so no worries! My blood pressure is still great. We found out that Tova's heart rate is between 135 and 140, which is perfect. It's so loud and strong. We love listening to it!
We also made our last payment to the clinic, and our payment to the hospital has already gone through, so we're all done! Unless Kallie has a C-section, we shouldn't owe much more after the delivery, and a lot of our baby care is already covered, so we should be set. That's a relief!
Oh, and the doc gave us a sheet of exercises to do to relieve some of Kallie's back pain. We'll see 1. if she actually does them, 2. if they help, if she does them. David chuckled out loud when the doc came back with the sheet.

love, d&k.


Clifton said...

Knitting in a rocking chair. haha that's awesome!

I know where you got that cup.

Anonymous said...

You are too cute, momma kalster!!!
Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can!!!! Haha!!
P.S.-Is that my Christmas scarf you are knitting?????

d & k Buckmaster said...

Haha- nope! That's a mini blanket for the Tova. Yours is next.

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