Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good eating.

We've been working on our birth announcements - figuring out a design and deciding what we need to buy, how to keep the cost down, and what we can be done before Tova is here so there's less to do when it's time to send them out. We have the envelopes, stamps, and Kallie already cut down the 12x12" paper we ordered. We've kept the number down to 60, so we'll be sure to post the final product, since most will be sent to family. Kallie got her Gocco machine this week and is super excited to start printing with it. We'll be printing the announcements with Gocco; then gluing a photo of little Tova. In the meantime, Kallie will be printing new business cards. David helped her work on a great design. They'll be rad.

Thursday night, we had Thanksgiving dinner with our church. We took green bean casserole. It was a hit. The food was really yummy, but the best part was getting to know some acquaintances better. There's a younger couple, Heather and Ian, who have a 20 month old super super adorable little girl, Layla, that we met at Bible study the week before. We found that we have a lot of the same interests and we're really excited to get to know them better.

Friday night - dessert in downtown Lakeland followed by Netflix night.

Saturday was our Prepared Childbirthing Class. 9am-5pm. Some breathing exercises (yes, on the floor with a blanket and pillows), how to push, birth videos, toured labor/delivery and mother/baby rooms, etc. Touring the rooms was the best part. They're all single rooms and are really big and brand new. It was awesome to see them. We'll be there soon. :) We ended up getting out two hours early, so we drove to New Tampa, walked around the new outdoor mall, and went to dinner at Bonefish with David's mom and Hank. We had a lovely time and talked a lot. And ate creme brule. Yummmm. It's the wonderful thing in the picture - along with the awesome owl locket mom and Hank got for Kallie's birthday!
Kallie BD Dinner.JPG

Sunday after church, we went to Hyde Park and got new knobs for the nursery armoire (they look fantastic). It was a gorgeous day, so we walked around and went to the quaint park and had to give up our swings to little pre-teen girls. Then we went to dinner with David's dad, Louise, and Catherine at Stonewood. Super delicious and we had a really great time.

In store this week: 34 weeks along, OB appointment with a different doc on Tuesday, Kallie's 24th birthday Wednesday, and heading to Tallahassee for Turkey. It should be a great week!

Love, d&k!

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Stephanie said...

Have fun!
And happy birthday Kallie!!

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