Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Kallie cleaned so much, she wondered if she really hurt her spine when she laid down to sleep Thursday night. It took a couple of days, but she's back to normal.

Friday morning, Kallie rode to Tallahassee with David's mom. They both stayed with Kallie's parents and had a nice time relaxing.
Saturday morning, Kallie's mom's friends threw her a big baby shower (click for more and larger photos). Everyone had a great time! Thanks, ladies! :)
corsages Kallie made for the hostesses.
little diapers! one was dirty! haha
the bear has a heartbeat that turns on, like the womb. kind of creepy, but makes sense.
Kallie and her momma.
Annella drove back to Tampa and Kallie stayed behind. She watched the Gator game (go Gators!) and relaxed with her parents.

Friday morning, David was in Miami and gave a couple of presentations to board members and VPs. He did a great job and had a good time. Friday night, he ate at The Knife with the whole FBCH crew. Afterward, he went to South Beach with some coworkers and lived it up. They saw Versace's house, Miami Ink, and some other neat spots. He wants to take Kallie back to explore some more. Maybe to celebrate our 2nd anniversary mid-2009, since Tova's arrival will delay January 6th celebrations. :) After a lunch celebration Saturday, he headed back to Lakeland.

Sunday, Kallie went to church with her parents, ate lunch at her Grandma's house, then headed back to Lakeland with her mom. It was a very long drive and we had to stop in Lutz to get Kallie's car. But we made it home eventually.

We had fun going through all of the goodies from the shower. Kallie had been good and left things in boxes. And it was good to hug.

Monday, the girls headed to Orlando and spent hours at Ikea. Tuesday, they headed to Brandon before Kallie's mom headed back to Tallahassee. And literally, within 24 hours, our nursery has been completely transformed. It looks fantastic. Kallie read directions while David and mom assembled our new armoire. It was fun and we were thoroughly exhausted.
looking into the room from the main door - check out the knobs!
to the left of the changing table - have to move the mobile now.
We'll change the knobs, of course!!!
the main door is to the left of the armoire - can't wait to get baskets, etc. to start organizing! and Kal's dad is going to make a third shelf

People keep telling us that you can never have enough little onesies, etc. We disagree completely. We're not sure where any more clothes would go. David's mom's coworker added to our supply of hand-me-downs this weekend. Amazing clothes. And now we've reached the limit!!!

The election is over. Phew. Hopefully people's blood pressure can return to normal.

Much love,


Alisa Kelleen said...

Kallie my dear, your nursery looks great. Good for you for having a TV in there too...after all of that nursing, it starts to feel like that's all you do, so being able to watch TV is a smart move.

As far as the onesies, it's hard to have too many because it seems like every other day they're growing out of one size into another.

What did you end up getting from the shower?

d & k Buckmaster said...

Thank you! Yeah, the tv is half for purpose and half because we don't have anywhere else to put it! Hah! (We don't want it in the bedroom, and David watches it while he gets ready in the morning.)

And that's true about onesies. I need to go through and see all the sizes we have, but people tend to get the 0-3mos, so those will just pile up. Either way, my mom looked at our stash and was astonished and said we have plenty, so I'll take her word for it!

Shower goodies: car seat, monitor, bath tub, bjorn carrier, clothes, grooming stuff, towels, blankets, etc. Also the teddy bear in the photos turns on and makes "womb sounds" aka a muffled heartbeat. Interested to see if that's a miracle bear, hah. Oh, and a bubble maker that suctions to the wall in the bathroom, which David will be playing with pre-Tova. :)

Dustin Moody said...

It's been great keeping up with all of this through your blog. Thanks for sharing with us. It's a shame that we live 20 minutes apart (for now) and haven't gotten together. Perhaps we can make that work sometime soon (before the holiday craziness).

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