Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twenty-four years!!

Kallie turns 24 years old today!

She woke up, walked out of the bedroom, and saw massive amounts of neon post-its stuck to the big mirror in our eating area. Big smile.
She went to turn on her computer, and there was a sign, "look to the right" as if her newly awakened eyes wouldn't have noticed the neon! :)
Numbered 1 to 140, Kallie picked off the post-its and stuck them onto our table, creating a super sweet birthday card from her amazing hubby. It ended with "PS - check the microwave for a little something."
YUM! Double chocolate Milano cookies! Yes, please! She ate three for breakfast. Happy birthday, indeed!
She's really enjoyed all of the birthday wishes from friends on facebook, too. It's a lovely way to wake up.

For the rest of the day - she'll continue packing until David gets home. Then lunch. Then we'll head to Tallahassee for a wonderful, laid-back Thanksgiving! Kallie has requested a yummy home-cooked meal for dinner. Hopefully traffic won't be too awful! Eick!

Some pictures:
Birth announcements, so far:
The new knobs for the nursery armoire:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!
love, d&k.

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Alisa Kelleen said...

kallie my love. i can't believe you're 24!!! I'm so blessed to have known you well for three of those years of your life. I'm going to try to call for just a few short minutes (I know it's family day) tomorrow as we head up to Salt Lake. Hopefully we'll catch each other sometime this weekend. I want to wish you a happy birthday over the phone and to catch up!

p.s. Your husband's card to you was ADORABLE. Bucky treats you right.

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