Monday, November 10, 2008

Well into November already!

Wednesday evening we had a fun time with Keith and Sav! The boys played some tennis and then Sav cooked a delicious fall-themed meal. Kallie brought pumpkin bread from a kit she stole from her momma. Yummy. Thankfully the weather has been on-and-off cool, so it makes the fall meal seem more appropriate. It's nice to have some winter-ish weather this year. Hopefully, since it started earlier than usual, it'll get colder and last longer. A true spring would be lovely. We'll see.

Kallie was ridiculously productive on Friday. David was impressed. But then she was worn out. So instead of going to downtown Lakeland for First Friday events, we made hot chocolate and watched a good movie.

Saturday was amazing. We drove to Gainesville and ate at our favorite pizza joint, Satchel's, with Katie and B. Then David and I had to scram for a bit so the girls could run some errands. We walked around the mall and decided not much had changed, except that the reason we went - David's root beer shaved ice kiosk - was no longer there. We headed back to Katie's home and spent some quality time with some of our oldest Gainesville friends (Katie, B, Monica, Melissa, Savannah, Jessica). It was wonderful. And the boys (Eric, Keith, David) decided to stay, which was quite nice. We played some silly games, ate, opened wonderful gifts, and really enjoyed ourselves. We love those people. A lot.
a drowning baby.
kallie found the babies quite amusing, hence all the photos of them. others were more weirded out.
Monica's ridiculous free handed letter cut-outs.
smelling diapers.
1. garlic, 2. mustard, 3. hot sauce, 4. BBQ sauce, 5. cinnamon
"my dad is Mr. Strong" from Katie
See them bigger by clicking on the photo. There's also more here.

After church on Sunday, we headed into Tampa to International Mall and met David's mom for a yummy lunch at Champs and then a JCrew trip. We had a really nice time (thanks, mom!) Then we headed to Channelside, where we met up with Keith and saw a really funny movie. It was nice to hang out. Then the two of us headed to JoAnn's in Brandon and realized the fabric Kallie wants (making burp cloths out of bamboo fabric) is pretty expensive and we don't have any coupons at the moment. So then we had dinner at Crispers.

Back to work!

love, d&k.


Anisha said...

Awww, i am so sad that I couldn't be with yall for the baby shower! You miss everything when you move to another state...

but it looks liek you guys had a lot of fun! "babies everywhere!"

Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

We love you a lot too!

And I maintain that the drowning babies are sick :)

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