Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Events

Friday night, we helped set up for Parker Street Christmas. Parker Street is down the road from our apartment, and it's basically the ghetto. Most of the homeless people hang out around there, too. Parker Street Ministries rents out the church on the corner of Parker Street and Massachusetts for their Christmas store event. The idea is that churches from all over Lakeland go buy good Christmas gifts and donate them. Then, the gifts get repriced at about 10% the retail and sold to parents and kids to give as their Christmas presents. Our church, Access, headed up the smaller kids store - where we had about 30 kids come in and shop for their families. Gifts were 25 cents to a dollar. Half of our group walked through the store with the kids and the other half wrapped up the gifts for the kiddos. The actual event happened on Saturday and was great success.

Friday night after setting up, we went into downtown for the Art Walk. Access had a big booth set up with photos, paintings, t-shirts, etc., from people that go to our church. It was fun just hanging out and getting hot chocolate with friends. It was really cold and felt a lot like Christmas.

Saturday before Parker Street, our good friend, Logan, drove into Lakeland from Tampa and took some portraits of the two of us. We had a great time hanging out and walking around downtown Lakeland. Photos will be up soon.

Also - shout out to Catherine, David's step-sis, who moved to Louisiana this weekend! We hope you made it safe and have lots of fun new adventures in your new city!

Sunday we went to church, chilled, ran errands, and then David's mom and Hank came to see the nursery! Mom helped David figure out his sewing project (Tova's hat). They also brought us a gift from our close family in India - Pastor Chandra and his wife, Manjula.
Then we went to eat at the Mongolian Grill. It was good and the dessert was massive.

We hope you're also enjoying all the Christmas festivities!

love, d&k


Courtney said...

I've been to the Mongolian Grill in Lakeland. I think it was Drew and my second date! Haha. Delicious!

Anonymous said...

Did you really eat all of that massive dessert? WOW!

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