Monday, December 29, 2008

Kerchief Bibs!

Kallie sewed these a couple weeks ago. They're pretty great and will do wonders catching drool and spit-up.

[ps: haha, apparently I should make it clear that these are for Tova, but they fit me, so there's a photo of my wearing one.]


idea from Zebi Baby.


Anonymous said...

You never used to drool or spit up, Kalster!?! What has David done to you??? Haha!

Anonymous said...

The goofy previous comment was from me, MomT. I forgot to sign it. It's good to know that if you ever start drooling or spitting up, Kalster, then you have a product that fits you!!! :)

d & k Buckmaster said...

Haha, gee, never would have guessed that was you!! ;) Not sure anyone else calls me Kalster. Love you, mommason.

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