Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We've had a very lovely week of celebrating Christmas!
The extent of our Christmas decor in our apartment.

Kallie's doctor appointment went well, but no real news. No dilation as of the Tuesday before Christmas (that was at 38 weeks). We'll keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow (39 weeks), but aren't expecting much.

On Christmas Eve, we met Kallie's mom, dad, and Grandma at David's mom's house for Hank's homemade pizza and some presents. We had a lovely time. David got his "dad shoes" and his mom made us an incredibly sweet slideshow reading of an adorably illustrated baby book - about a baby in the womb for the last few days. It was great.
Kallie and her momma.
Kal's dad, mom, and Grandma.
He's happier than he looks! David has barely taken these off since.

We headed to Lakeland with Kallie's family and hung out at the hotel for a little bit. Then to our home for dinner and relaxing.

The next morning, Kal's family came back over and we opened presents, played cards, and snacked until heading to David's dad's house for Christmas Day. We had lots of terrific food with David's family and Keith even came over, which was a special treat! We had a great time. David especially enjoyed trying out Morgan's new RipStick on the street. Morgan and her sister, Megan, are much better at it than David. He doesn't like that very much. Kallie's parents and Grandma left to go back to Tallahassee that afternoon and we headed back to Lakeland shortly after.

That evening, we headed into Auburndale to hang out with our lovely friend, Katie. She leaves for Utah on Tuesday! We had a great time spending a few hours with her family, as always. Can't believe Katie is leaving, but she'll be back in three months. We wish her the best and are excited about her little adventure!

Friday was a gorgeous day, so we drove out to Cocoa Beach and had a wonderful time. Lunch on a rooftop patio on the beach, reading magazines in the sand, and a perfect sunset. Missing it already.

Saturday we saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in Tampa and loved it! It's a superb flick and we recommend it. Then we had lunch outside in the beautiful weather and people watched before shopping a bit at the mall. It was another great day.
Kallie's new Swatch and shirt - fun with birthday money.

That evening, our friend, Sarah, came to stay with us. Her bf and David's old roommate, Adam, is playing a flag football tournament at USF this week. On Sunday we went and watched him play a game against Rutgers and then the four of us had dinner and caught up. Sarah stayed with us again last night - she's the best house guest! She brought us hot cocoa mix and the best chocolate covered pretzels ever. And she folded everything back up so nicely!! Kallie doesn't have to crawl around on the floor to get everything back together. It's the best. You should all wish your guests were as great as Sarah. Just saying.

Maybe tomorrow's doc appointment will give us some indication of Tova's arrival, but maybe not. We'll be sure to let you know!

Much love and wishes of hope and happiness,

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