Friday, December 5, 2008

Projects Galore

We had our final baby shower on Tuesday. It was wonderful. We are so blessed that David works in such a great place with such amazing people! Two of his coworkers, Andrea and Julie, threw the shower, complete with delicious food and wonderful gifts. Kallie realized on her way over that she forgot her camera - so the only photos we have are of the beautiful flowers we took home and the adorable giraffe that Julie got us.

Kallie had a check-up with Dr. Mammel on Tuesday. Everything is great. She only gained half a pound that week - which included birthday dinners and Thanksgiving! Miraculous, indeed. Her blood pressure was great and Tova is the perfect size and her heartbeat is as strong as ever. She was kicking around most of the time. The only not-so-good thing was K's sugar level...oops! She ate a peanut butter ball covered in chocolate before she left the house. Hah! She'll have to save the sweets for after the appointments from now on!

Last night, we were planning on heading to downtown Lakeland for the Christmas Parade. We waited until about 20 minutes before it was supposed to start and couldn't find anywhere to park. And with the pregs Kallie, we knew we wouldn't be able to walk we went to Target instead. Hah.

Baby projects:
We put in the car seat base, but have to change it. We did lots of research afterward, because we felt like it wasn't fitting correctly. Turns out you can't use the LATCH system in the back middle seat in Civics. Boo.

David is working on sewing Tova a super cute military-style hat.

Kallie finished her homemade "Ugly Doll" that she started over a year ago. She also embellished a burp cloth and realized that working with bamboo fabric is a bit difficult - it's very slinky.
half pink, half green

Tova's front door:

We got our storage bins for the changing table:

Lots to do! We're enjoying it!
Love, d&k.


Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

Ohmigosh, I LOVE that hat. Buck, can I have one too? Guess not. Tova's got to be the trendsetter. And how many little girls get fashionista hats made for them by their DAD? You two are too cool for words.

And what's an ugly doll? I couldn't see the website for some reason. I'm intrigued.

d & k Buckmaster said...

They're sold lots of places - you've probably seen them, maybe didn't notice! Here's some on amazon: They're silly.

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