Friday, December 12, 2008

She's not here yet, I promise!

I imagine it'll be a few days before a new post gets up when Tova actually does arrive. But that's not the case this time. We rarely go a week without updating!

Basically, we've been running errands and researching stuff online to get all of the things for baby that we'll need. Gift cards and cash have been fantastic. Thank you!

Last Saturday we went to Keith and Sav's house in Brandon to watch the SEC championship. We were on edge the whole time, but were proud of our Gators pulling out a strong win. Sav cooked us dinner again. Delicious!

On Sunday we headed to Brandon again after church and had Cracker Barrel for lunch with David's dad, Louise, and Catherine. Yum. Then we ran an errand to Costco and got a most wonderful early Christmas present. ;) Let's just say Tova will be a movie star from day 1.

This week, Kallie's dad had to work in Orlando, so Kallie's mom came down for a couple of days, too. Tuesday night, we get all spiffed up and went to dinner at Ruth's Chris. It was a fun experience! We all had delicious food, of course, and had a really good time.

Mom brought down a book case that Kallie's dad made for the corner behind the nursery door. We needed some shelving for books and had no where else to put it! It fits perfectly and looks awesome. So excited!

Wednesday, Kallie drove to Orlando during the day and went to Ikea with her mom. They got Swedish meatballs to go for David as well as Lingonberry concentrate to make our own juice at home. Yum! And the nursery is one huge step closer to being done! We'll have pictures soon.

That afternoon, we went to another doc appointment. Really, no news. Kallie gained half a pound in the week and her blood pressure is still really good. However, the chocolate cake she ate at lunch made an appearance in her blood sugar. Whoops again! No news on whether Tova is big or small, anything about labor being sooner or later, nothing. Kallie is going to ask more questions next week. Maybe we'll have SOME news...we'll see.

That evening, we went to our church's Christmas Party! We had a lovely time with our new friends, ate way too many sweets, and headed home at a decent hour, since Kallie had been going and going all day! Our new buddies, Heather and Ian, brought Kallie a nursing cover that Ian's mom made. It's fantastic. ;) You should check out her etsy shop here. She's quite talented.

Yesterday Kallie did lots and lots of laundry, vacuumed half of our home (and then realized she shouldn't vacuum at 8+ months - thanks mom - and stopped), and did lots of cleaning and organizing. We had a whole trash bag full of plastic wraps, cardboard boxes and inserts, tags, etc. We also got all of our cloth diapers in the mail. Washing those today.

Then we went to Bible study and had probably the best one yet. We're really enjoying our group.

Tonight we go to help set up for our Christmas project that's tomorrow. More on that later.

Some photos:
Favorite outfits purchased:
#1 for David: a tiny Batman onesie

#2 for David: a navy nautical peacoat

#1 for Kallie: Tova's take-home outfit. Found in Brandon and then Kallie's mom took it home and sewed Tova's name on it in pink (the sheep was already there). Adorable.

A burp cloth Kallie made - one side bamboo, one side fleece. She's done working with bamboo. Too difficult!

Love, d&k.

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Amy and Scott said...

I'm going to go ahead and say that if we have a girl one day, I want that coat as a hand me down!! Our children will 100% have blue eyes, so this would look killer on our fat precious offspring. So cute guys-can't wait to meet Tova in March!!!!!!!!

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