Friday, December 19, 2008

Tennis Pro

David played tennis twice this week! On Monday, he played with a coworker and played his best yet. (That doesn't mean he won or anything.) Then on Wednesday, Keith and Savannah came over from Brandon. The boys played tennis for a short while until the speakers announced to us that we needed to leave - the park was closing. We came back to the home and cooked dinner, followed by a walk downtown to see the lights. No surprise here - everything was closing by the time we wanted dessert, so we drove to Starbucks. Disappointing that nothing is ever open here, but a fun night nonetheless.

Kallie's 37 week appointment went well. Everything is right on target - Tova is strong and healthy. We might have more to tell next week. We think the doc does a more "thorough investigation" as to what's going on and how Kallie is progressing. So we'll see!

Yesterday was Morgan's 10th birthday!! Happy birthday, Morgan!!!

Loving our Bible study group. We had a great discussion last night.

Today - David gets off work early. His best man, Clay, is getting married tomorrow, so we're headed to the rehearsal and dinner. It'll be a fun evening!

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Alisa Kelleen said...

"thorough investigation," huh? yeah, i think i remember that part of the's exciting to think your baby might be here and it's a pretty good look at what's in store for you in the near future as far as your privacy is concerned... :)

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