Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey Legs.

We hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

We headed to Tallahassee after lunch last Wednesday, which was very lucky. David was able to get off work early. Traffic wasn't very bad and we got to Kallie's parents' house in time for a yummy home-cooked meal and brownies for Kallie's bday. She is now 24.

We had lots of yummy food for Thanksgiving. Turkey legs (we started the tradition last year), a crown roast, and other goodies. We ate a whole lot all weekend. A whole lot. Other fun things: we saw James Bond, which wasn't terribly impressive, but still fun; dad played with his Karmann Ghia; the Gators whooped up on the Seminoles and we celebrated; the rain was crazy all Friday through Sunday; shopped some, but not on Black Friday; dad got a cold; Kallie did a jigsaw puzzle; and we sat on the sofa a lot, which was quite wonderful.
Kallie's parents might be a little borderline nuts.

The drive home was wretched. We left Tallahassee at 2pm and got home at 9:30pm! We only stopped twice at rest areas and had a quick 30-40 minute dinner in Gainesville. And it took SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS. Ridiculous. We didn't even pass any bad wrecks on our side of the road. We finally made it home and smiled.

We were going to stop by David's oldest sister, Beth's, home in Tampa on the way to Lakeland to wish her a Happy Birthday, but we were wiped out. So Happy Birthday, Beth!

Also to note: Kallie had another good doctor's appointment last Tuesday. Tova is perfect and growing and Kallie is healthy. We're now down to 5 weeks left, so Kallie will go in once a week. Only five weeks! We can't wait!!!

Much love,

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Anonymous said...

We've been "past the point of no return" forever!!
Can't believe you just noticed, daughter dearest!!!
The pix are perfect and capture our true inner beings...haha!

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