Friday, January 30, 2009

3 weeks and 2 days.

And it seems like Tova has been here much longer. We're getting into some good routines and David has been back to work full-time all this week.


Last weekend we all ventured out to our friends', the Kelso's, home for a BBQ. We had a great time and loved being with friends and just getting out of the house. We took Tova to a book store on Sunday and the Mahaffey family came in from Tampa for lunch, which we ate outside on the picnic tables. It was a good weekend, slightly resembling something "back to normal."


On Monday, David won his company's state office "Heart of Excellence" Award, which is an equivalent to Employee of the Year. It's a huge honor and we're so excited about it!

Tova had her "two week" (though it was really almost 3) well baby check-up with the Pediatrician (Dr. Cornett). She is growing like a weed.

Birth: 7 lbs 1 oz, 20.5 inches long
6 days: 6 lbs 15 oz, 20.5 in long, 35.5 cm head circumference
21 days: 8 lbs 4 oz (50th percentile), 21.5 in long (above 75th %), 37 cm head circ (above 50th %)

She's doing quite well.


After the exam, Kallie and Tova stopped by and said Hi to David at work. Then we went to Crispers and sat outside and talked to Kallie's mom on the phone. It was lovely. That night, we went to our new Tuesday night small group. We're really excited to see where it goes!


David bought a Bianchi bicycle. It's pretty.

Keith and Savannah came over for a lovely evening.

And Tova is as cute as ever. She's plumping. It's silly.

Always check back here: for new photos.


Friday, January 23, 2009

A photo a day.

Kallie has been making sure we take at least one picture a day of our little Tova. At the end of the year, she's going to make a 365 page photo book of Tova's first year. Unfortunately, she's missed one day...but she'll just have to cheat and borrow a photo from the day before or after.

More photos have been uploaded HERE.

we didn't get the camera in time to catch it, but both hands were straight up in the air, fingers flexed open for a few minutes - she was completely asleep.
Shelley brought us beautiful pink tulips.

so much love, dk&t

Monday, January 19, 2009

More photos.

We plan on writing out the story of the big D-Day, but until we get enough sleep to think coherently, it'll have to wait. Until then, Kallie will keep taking photos and editing them regularly, so we can keep you updated while limiting our rambling words.

The past few days have been uploaded HERE.

love this photo.

and this one.

don't even try swaddling Tova with her arms wrapped inside. she'll squirm until they're free.

David bought Kallie a beautiful necklace. It says "David, Kallie, & Tova Buckmaster" on a circle.


already trying to teach her some moves.

love, d,k,&t

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One week!

Happy one week to Tova!

60 photos from the week here:

All of the photos are on zenfolio, here:
When viewing a photo, if you mouse over it, an option to download the file will pop up in the upper left corner. For all of those grandparents who are chomping at the bits, please feel free to download the photos and have prints made.

Love, d,k,&t

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tova Lise

born January 7th, 2009
at 8:41pm
weighing 7 pounds and 1 ounce
measuring 20 and a half inches
the most beautiful baby you'll ever see.


terribly sorry for the delay. we're still figuring out sleeping and a schedule of some sort. we're so thankful for all of your support and well wishes. and we love you all.

we are overwhelmed by the love in our new family.

much love and updates to come,

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

40 weeks.

I'm 2 cm dilated and the doc thinks Tova should come within the next few days. I had a contraction while I was there and the nurse pointed it out! I had thought it was just Tova stretching really strongly and putting pressure on everything. Apparently I've been having contractions for a while. And they're getting closer, for certain. So we'll see when we make our way to the hospital. If nothing happens by Friday, I have an appointment at 4:15.

I gained half a pound, which is how much Tova should have gained, so I've officially stopped spoiling myself with holiday foods, haha. Good blood pressure and no sugar problems, thankfully!! Tova is perfect size and her heart is great!

Dr. Mammel will be at the hospital tomorrow, so our fingers are crossed that Tova comes within the next 24 hours, but we'll see!

Much love!

Weekend 1, 2009.

First: the baby countdown ticker to the right says ZERO. That's crazy!

We met David's mom and Hank for an impromptu dinner and movie when David got home from work Friday evening. We saw Slumdog Millionaire and highly recommend it. David is still smiling about it. It made his top ten list.

Saturday turned out to be a fantastic day. We were slow figuring out what to do, but ended up at the Lakeland Farmer's market and bought a ton of produce for $10.
Ten we headed to Thornton Park in downtown Orlando. We'd never heard of it until we were researching places to go out to a nice dinner. So we walked around for a couple of hours and found a great little bookstore. Kallie bought The Naturally Clean Home (2nd ed), which has turned out to be exactly what we've been looking for. Highly recommended if you're wanting to rid your home (and the landfill) of toxins. Plus, it saves you tons of money. For dinner, we treated ourselves to an absolutely delicious meal at Brio in Orlando. We had a wonderful time and celebrated two years of blissful marriage. ;) We reminisced over the past four years we've been together and are so thankful for the blessing of each other. It's great!

Sunday was another amazing day. After Access (which was wonderful), we went to Katie's parents' home with a bunch of our really good friends from college. In case you know us well enough, I'll give you a list: Katie, B, Anisha, Sarah Boggs, Keith, Savannah, Alison Brown, two of B's buddies from her Africa trip that we've met before, B's beau and his best friend, and the two of us. It was unreal. Anisha goes to school in South Carolina now, so it was a special treat to see her! We grilled burgers and hot dogs. Then we went out on the lake. Well, David did. Kallie sat and watched all of the tubing and kayaking. It was the best and the sunset was amazing. A great memory. (Photos to come)

Since then, we've both been to the dentist, received our stroller in the mail (and LOVE it), and been patiently awaiting the arrival of Tova.

Today is Tova's official due date. It seems to be coming and going without her arrival. It's also the day that we got married two years ago. Doctor's appointment update to come.


Just came across this photo from July 2007 on our trip to Alabama to see Alisa and Tommie (and the growing Liliana in Alisa's belly). Remember that blonde hair? It's still lingering. I had a great conversation with Alisa yesterday and really like this photo of the two of us together.

We saw her almost a year later, this past June, in Denver (their new home). Lili was 6 months. And I was newly pregnant. The next time we'll see them will be in about 6 months or so. Tova will be about 6 months. And Alisa will be about 7 months pregnant. One of is always pregnant apparently. :) Can't wait to see them again! Love you!



Friday, January 2, 2009

Cheers to a Lovely 2009!

We're so excited about 2009! Soon, we'll have a little Tova to help us celebrate life in the new year. We're so excited to show her the world and the amazingness of God's creation. It'll be great!

For New Years Eve, we got lunch and headed to Lake Morton to sit and watch the birds (and try to get them to leave our food alone) and play some cards in the sun. It was gorgeous. We used our new camcorder to take some cute "last days alone" footage. Unfortunately, we still need some software before David can work on editing the footage, so that'll have to be posted later.

That evening, our beloved Katie came over. She was supposed to leave for Utah a few days ago, but her new job has been delayed a couple weeks. So we had the pleasure of hanging out with Katie, eating snacks, playing Wii, and walking around the ghost-town-like downtown Lakeland. Katie left before midnight, but left sparkling cider for Kallie; so at midnight, we had a sweet toast as the ball dropped in Times Square. We then walked outside with two-year-old sparklers and attempted to light them. As that failed, we noticed some kids doing fireworks and went over to see them. It happened to be our friend, Tara, from Access Church. We were excited to see her and some other people we recognized. After hanging out for a bit, we called it a night.

New Years Eve was also Kallie's dad's birthday! Happy bday, pops!

We decided that the best way to start the new year would be to have a delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Yum! Kallie was feeling tired, so we just watched football mostly. A nice lazy day.

So Happy New Year to everyone! We hope it's a great one for you and yours.

Love, d&k.
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