Tuesday, January 6, 2009

40 weeks.

I'm 2 cm dilated and the doc thinks Tova should come within the next few days. I had a contraction while I was there and the nurse pointed it out! I had thought it was just Tova stretching really strongly and putting pressure on everything. Apparently I've been having contractions for a while. And they're getting closer, for certain. So we'll see when we make our way to the hospital. If nothing happens by Friday, I have an appointment at 4:15.

I gained half a pound, which is how much Tova should have gained, so I've officially stopped spoiling myself with holiday foods, haha. Good blood pressure and no sugar problems, thankfully!! Tova is perfect size and her heart is great!

Dr. Mammel will be at the hospital tomorrow, so our fingers are crossed that Tova comes within the next 24 hours, but we'll see!

Much love!

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Courtney said...

Good luck!! Hope everything goes well and you are welcoming little Tova soon!

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