Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weekend 1, 2009.

First: the baby countdown ticker to the right says ZERO. That's crazy!

We met David's mom and Hank for an impromptu dinner and movie when David got home from work Friday evening. We saw Slumdog Millionaire and highly recommend it. David is still smiling about it. It made his top ten list.

Saturday turned out to be a fantastic day. We were slow figuring out what to do, but ended up at the Lakeland Farmer's market and bought a ton of produce for $10.
Ten we headed to Thornton Park in downtown Orlando. We'd never heard of it until we were researching places to go out to a nice dinner. So we walked around for a couple of hours and found a great little bookstore. Kallie bought The Naturally Clean Home (2nd ed), which has turned out to be exactly what we've been looking for. Highly recommended if you're wanting to rid your home (and the landfill) of toxins. Plus, it saves you tons of money. For dinner, we treated ourselves to an absolutely delicious meal at Brio in Orlando. We had a wonderful time and celebrated two years of blissful marriage. ;) We reminisced over the past four years we've been together and are so thankful for the blessing of each other. It's great!

Sunday was another amazing day. After Access (which was wonderful), we went to Katie's parents' home with a bunch of our really good friends from college. In case you know us well enough, I'll give you a list: Katie, B, Anisha, Sarah Boggs, Keith, Savannah, Alison Brown, two of B's buddies from her Africa trip that we've met before, B's beau and his best friend, and the two of us. It was unreal. Anisha goes to school in South Carolina now, so it was a special treat to see her! We grilled burgers and hot dogs. Then we went out on the lake. Well, David did. Kallie sat and watched all of the tubing and kayaking. It was the best and the sunset was amazing. A great memory. (Photos to come)

Since then, we've both been to the dentist, received our stroller in the mail (and LOVE it), and been patiently awaiting the arrival of Tova.

Today is Tova's official due date. It seems to be coming and going without her arrival. It's also the day that we got married two years ago. Doctor's appointment update to come.

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Jessica Kelso said...

I love your blog! and I love that stroller you guys got. Would it be weird if I went out and bought the same one? Considering we don't have any children? My dog might look cute in it! :)

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