Friday, February 27, 2009

The Author.

We're a bit late in announcing this, but about a month ago David wrote an article about writing resumes and getting a job. Since he's a Human Resources director, David sees many resumes each week - including a lot of ones that, to be nice, need some help. He sent it to Relevant Magazine and they decided to use it as their main article on their website. A week later, David received Relevant's email newsletter, entitled 850 Words of RELEVANT: Help! No One Will Hire Me! His article was the main feature! It was amazing!

Getting published at Relevant Magazine was one of David's top things to accomplish in life. He's checked it off of the list!



Anonymous said...

I got an email from a close friend today whose son just lost his job and wanted help with his resume. I was able to forward this article to him for really good advice!
Thanks Professor Buckmaster!

--Anisha said...

um yes. this was both informative and hilarious. As i was reading it, i could hear buck's voice saying it in my head. lol

congrats man!

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