Tuesday, February 24, 2009

car seat in moderation, please.

Tova had a bad night Thursday night. We've recovered since, thankfully.

Saturday was great. We drove around Lakeland and looked at some houses that are for sale. We might have more news on that this coming Sunday evening. We'll keep you posted.

That afternoon, both Browning families - Keith and Sav and Keith's parents - came over to hang out, play on the Wii Fit, and for Kurt and Kathy to meet the Tove. We had a lovely time.

That evening, we headed to our friend, Amber's, baby shower. It was super cute and we can't wait to meet little Mitchell! He's due today, so many prayers that he comes soon, happy and healthy!

We laughed at how life has changed. Kids were running around everywhere, covered in dirt. And the baby shower lasted two hours before it was time to take all of the kids home to chill out. We were a little bummed while we were on our way to the party, thinking we would have to skip out early to feed Tova. It ended up that the families started leaving right as Tova got cranky...perfect timing.

After church on Sunday, we headed out to Brandon to David's dad's house. David's Grandma B was in town, so we took Tova to meet her great-grandmother. It was a nice trip and the three of us ate out before heading home. It was a long day in the car seat for Tova and she was over it when we got to the restaurant. Thankfully she fell asleep for the drive home.

We enjoy our busy weekends, but they're hard. Poor Tova gets stuck in her car seat and is therefore forced to sleep with minimal play time. There's a big difference in her demeanor on those days versus a normal day at home. Eat, play, sleep is what she's used to - on a 2.5-3 hour cycle for the most part. Also to note, Tova doesn't like to go to sleep during the day. She cries and wails before she finally gives into her tired eyes and yawns. And then she doesn't sleep very long. But at night, she eats and goes right to sleep. So at least there are no tears when we're the most tired. All is well.

Working on baby announcements. Not sure when they'll be done, though.

Much love, dk&t


Anonymous said...

Well, the Kalster saved her grumpies for night time when she was a baby, so you got lucky! And, hopefully the Tove will continue to take naps because her mom didn't!!! :(
Talk about rough times.....ugh!!!
Hang in there!!!

Hank and Annella said...

It's wonderful that she sleeps well at night! How thankful you must be.
Grandmom A

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