Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Rolls

First Rolls from Kallie Brynn on Vimeo.

Car seat woes.

We forget. Tova can't handle the car seat for a major portion of the day. Even if we take her out in between car rides, it's too much. Last weekend:

Friday night, we met David's dad and Louise and David's sisters and their s.o's at our new house. Dav's dad has his real estate license, so he was able to get the code to let us into the house. We found out that the Roman shades we bought don't fit. And we forgot to bring a tape measure to get the windows' exact measurements. Oh well. We then went into downtown Lakeland and ate dinner at Chop Shop. Then a walk over to the Creamery for some ice cream. Tova was hungry by this point and we all headed home.

Saturday, we went to the farmer's market on Memorial. We loaded up on fruits and veges. After lunch at home, we headed out again to Orlando. We took back our shades to Pottery Barn and had to eat a $50 shipping charge - gross. Then it was off to Ikea for ideas on what we might need for the house. We bought Tova her new favorite play toy and a reading light that will go in our living room. It was too much for the Tove. We were wiped out and a little stressed. Tova was fussy, so we ate at Pollo Tropical super fast and headed home. Then we tried to relax.

Kallie took some more photos at church on Sunday. You can see them HERE. Then we bought a soap dish for our guest bath at Home Depot - only exciting because it's for OUR HOUSE! And we got faux wood blinds for the bedrooms at Target. A few steps closer!

We'll close on the house sometime between TOMORROW and next Tuesday. We hope someone lets us know soon. As a matter of fact, I'm going to call our agent right now.

Also to note - they finished the fence and put in an irrigation system. In case you don't know the back story, the house listing said the home was fenced with an irrigation system. 1. they considered "fenced" to equal one length of fence on one side of the house. We disagreed. 2. the irrigation system was never planned and was only accidentally put on the listing. Apparently the builder asked the supervisor to price one and instead he had one put in - another accident. We're not sure how it'll all be settled, but we're happy both are done.

Tova ROLLED OVER!!! Tuesday while David was at work, Tova was getting tummy time (never her favorite), and she completely rolled over from her belly to her back!!! She did it about 6 times and Kallie caught two of them on video. She even did it for her dad when he got home from work. But she failed to show off for her parents at small group that night. Oh well. We're super proud! According to's milestone chart, she's very early - only a few kids can roll over at 3 months, and she's not even three months yet. Even at 4 months, only half of the babies can do it. She's SO smart! But we knew that. She also sleeps 8 hours a night regularly (for the past few weeks). Best baby ever.

Kallie hung out with our friends Heather and Jessica this morning. It was really nice to spend some time with them apart from small group (on Tuesdays) or church. We love our friends!




Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Relevant Weekly

David's article was in Relevant's weekly email:
Picture 2.png
The format has changed, so the full article isn't in the email like last time, but it's still neat to see it go out to everyone's inbox!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Second Article

David's second article for Relevant Magazine has been posted online!

It's called Regaining Passion for Your Job (click here).

David sent in his last article in hopes that they would like it and want to post it on their website. This time, David got an email from someone at Relevant, asking him to write on the article's subject. He did a great job. Hopefully there will be more opportunities like this in the future!

Love, dk&t.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Poor baby girl. She's sound asleep right now. We just got back from her 2 month (really 2 and a half) doctor appointment.

She did great. She was smiling with the nurse and had all of her measurements taken. She's in the 75th percentile all around: 11 pounds, 9 ounces (with her cloth diaper and little t-shirt both on); 23 inches long, and 40cm head circumference.

Then the doctor came in and was very impressed with her stats. Tova is obviously eating well and growing a lot. Dr. Cornett said that whatever we're doing, it's working, and he wanted some of it to rub off on him and his wife. They have a new baby, who's just a bit older than Tova. He was shocked that Tova usually sleeps through the night now, going 7-10 hours between feedings. His baby still wakes up for at least one feeding at night. He noticed Tova is getting enough food because she still eats about every three hours during the day. Dr. Cornett also did the, "you get told you look a lot younger than you are all the time, don't you." Of course we nodded "yes". It was silly.

Then he talked about the shots and infant Tylenol and left. The nurse came back in with her tray. First, it was the oral medication. Tova didn't like it at all. She made a nasty face and was breathing out of her nose so she wouldn't have to swallow. She was already getting fussy. Then came the three shots. One in one leg and two in the other. When the first one went in, her eyes bugged out, which was immediately followed by them shutting tightly closed and her wailing. The nurse was done in a flash and Kallie got to pick Tova up and hold our distressed little baby.

[Tova just woke up - she's all smiles! Fantastic!]

She settled down to little whimper cries pretty quickly. The nurses were all saying they've never seen a baby react that way - as if she was in shock (I assume opposed to wailing for the whole time). Tova cuddled up on Kallie's shoulder and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Now she looks rather cheerful. She's such a trooper!

Love, dk&t

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh well

Didn't win the scholarship. Oh well...still going.

Needed update

All of this house stuff has had us a bit busy! We will close by the end of the month, so that means there are only two weeks left that we have to stay in our apartment! (Though we'll rent a truck to move the bed, etc., on a weekend, so we're not positive when we'll actually start living there.)

Things that have happened:
As you know, Kallie signed up for the A Bryan Photo workshop in April. Then they announced the scholarship, so we made a video and still have our fingers crossed.

We went to David's old church in Tampa to see our friends Matt and Rachel Hires sing. Normally it's just Matt and we were very pleasantly surprised to hear Rachel join him this time. We had a great time visiting with family friends, though Tova got overstimulated by being passed around too much. Poor little girl.

We met with our mortgage broker two Saturdays ago and signed all of the paperwork. They already did the appraisal and we're waiting to hear back about everything.

We went to Layla's 2nd birthday party with our friends. It was so cute and we had a great time hanging out with everyone. That was after we met the broker, so we had a very grown-up day: mortgages and friends' baby's birthday party.

Clifton was in town from DC and we were so happy that he and Dusty came to visit, meet Tova, and get some ice cream. Clifton was one of David's roommates in college...a great friend!

We got our car fixed from the little parking lot wreck. The husband of the lady who hit us had called and offered us $50 to settle everything. We declined and said we need to have it appraised first. It cost over $400. $50 is no where near $400.

Kallie went to our church's first moms group - Access Moms. It was cute and she had a great time - excited to see where things go!

Kallie's grandparents from Vero Beach came into town this past Friday evening, as did her parents. They met Tova and we went to eat at Carrabbas. Tova needed to eat while we were there (it took forever to be seated and get our food, unfortunately), so Kallie tried to feed her under her Hooter Hider in the booth. Tova was not having it and squirmed like mad. It was a hectic dinner.

The next morning, the great-grandparents left and Kallie's parents, along with David's dad, met us at the new house with our Realtor to do a walk-through and write down everything that still needs to be done. It was fantastic to be inside the house again, now that we know it's ours!! Kallie did a few little jumps of excitement and Tova even woke up for a tour.

That night, we headed into Tampa to see the family. David's sister, Amy, and her husband, flew in from NYC. We all met up for dinner and had a great time. We especially cracked up about Amy's story of having her face licked on the subway by a crazy man. We agreed we hadn't laughed so hard in a while. Also to note, Tova is a spectacle. EVERYONE the entire night stopped everything they were doing and stared as Tova passed them. It was insane! You could hear all the whispers, "baby baby baby..." Haha, maybe she's meant to be a movie star. We kind of hope not.

Kallie took photos at church on Sunday for some new promotional items our pastor, Jason, it trying to get out. We're excited to see how all of it turns out!

And finally, we're headed into Brandon tonight to have dinner with sister Amy again. Fun times.

Here's the latest, some photos corresponding with stories above:
View them all here.
ps: she's not crying in any of these. if she looks like she is, she's actually talking and very excited/concerned. she was probably talking to he mobile thing that's on her swing. hilarious.


much love, dk&t

Tova's Birth Announcements

Supplies were tight for our announcements, so we couldn't send them out to everyone. If you haven't seen it, here it is:


The process:
Kallie bought 12x12" sheets of paper and cut them to A4 size and then rounded the corners. She then had 8x10" photo sheets printed out with 20 images each (she needs to have another sheet made, so there's a chance that yours is still on its way) and used her Martha Stewart circle cutter on them. She burned two silk screens on her Gocco machine, one for green, one for pink. Then she printed them all - green, then pink. She wasn't patient enough, so most of the announcements have some ink on the back from being stacked. Oops! Then she used heavy duty tape to affix the photo. It was a great project!


Love, d&k

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Kallie signed up for A Bryan Photo's first workshop in Birmingham at the end of April. She's been keeping up with Bryan (our wedding photographer) for a long time, hoping he'd do a workshop at some point. Now that he is, we're going to lengths to make it so Kallie can go!

It's April 20-22, the week before Kallie's first wedding job back since Tova started growing in the belly. So after Birmingham, it's straight to Jacksonville. And David will be staying in Lakeland to work while Kallie's mom comes with Kallie and Tova to babysit. We'll also have just moved into our house, so lots will be happening at the same time!

A couple of days after Kallie sent in her deposit to save a seat at the workshop, Bryan announced the opportunity to win a paid-in-full scholarship to the workshop. So the past three days, we've been drawing up ideas and filming a video for Kallie's entry. David edited it, and we really like how it turned out:

ABP Scholarship Entry from Kallie Brynn on Vimeo.

Fingers are definitely crossed, as this trip will zero out the business bank account and push back buying a new computer yet again (this keeps getting pushed back and back...editing thousands of large photos on a little laptop isn't ideal, though it works.) We'll let you know what happens!!

Love, d&k.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Next steps

We think the last post wasn't incredibly clear. The "we" buying the house are the two of us. There will be no renting. Ridiculous, yes.

We went to Tampa this morning and met with our mortgage broker. We have to get a signature on a document from the seller. Then we wait for our appraisal. Then we look for home insurance. Then we close.

Then we move in on April Fools Day - hopefully there will be no 'haha, this was just a joke. You were really dreaming.' We're pretty sure this is all for real! :)


Friday, March 6, 2009

Home Owners.

We just bought a house.

This house:

Didn't know we were looking for a house? Neither did we!

A couple of weeks ago, we started tossing around the idea of renting a home from David's dad. (Our apartment lease is up at the end of May.) We found two new homes that we liked and looked at them both last Sunday. The cheaper one was amazing and the more expensive one was terrible. We knew we needed to act fast.

David's dad ran some numbers. He came by Wednesday night and we talked.

Then we decided we should buy it. Here we are, two days later, and we beat out another bid and the house is ours. Well, not completely officially. But we're already set with the mortgage broker and everything is well on its way. We close at the end of the month.

Ridiculous. We are very excited.

To finish, some awesome things that God set up for us over the last week:
We got our bill for the anesthesiologist - over $600.
The next day, we got an unexpected refund check from our OB clinic for more than the amount for the anesthesiologist. Insane.
The house builder ended up being the guy who did the Children's Homes (David's work).
The builder's Realtor is good friends with two of David's coworkers and helped them find homes. She was lovely. We met with her this morning.
Oh, and the house is gorgeous - inside and out.

God is good.

Love and excitement,

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It took too long to get these done!


meeting great-Grandma B.
modeling a onesie Kallie screen printed for Amber's baby shower.

much love and happiness. dk&t
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