Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Car seat woes.

We forget. Tova can't handle the car seat for a major portion of the day. Even if we take her out in between car rides, it's too much. Last weekend:

Friday night, we met David's dad and Louise and David's sisters and their s.o's at our new house. Dav's dad has his real estate license, so he was able to get the code to let us into the house. We found out that the Roman shades we bought don't fit. And we forgot to bring a tape measure to get the windows' exact measurements. Oh well. We then went into downtown Lakeland and ate dinner at Chop Shop. Then a walk over to the Creamery for some ice cream. Tova was hungry by this point and we all headed home.

Saturday, we went to the farmer's market on Memorial. We loaded up on fruits and veges. After lunch at home, we headed out again to Orlando. We took back our shades to Pottery Barn and had to eat a $50 shipping charge - gross. Then it was off to Ikea for ideas on what we might need for the house. We bought Tova her new favorite play toy and a reading light that will go in our living room. It was too much for the Tove. We were wiped out and a little stressed. Tova was fussy, so we ate at Pollo Tropical super fast and headed home. Then we tried to relax.

Kallie took some more photos at church on Sunday. You can see them HERE. Then we bought a soap dish for our guest bath at Home Depot - only exciting because it's for OUR HOUSE! And we got faux wood blinds for the bedrooms at Target. A few steps closer!

We'll close on the house sometime between TOMORROW and next Tuesday. We hope someone lets us know soon. As a matter of fact, I'm going to call our agent right now.

Also to note - they finished the fence and put in an irrigation system. In case you don't know the back story, the house listing said the home was fenced with an irrigation system. 1. they considered "fenced" to equal one length of fence on one side of the house. We disagreed. 2. the irrigation system was never planned and was only accidentally put on the listing. Apparently the builder asked the supervisor to price one and instead he had one put in - another accident. We're not sure how it'll all be settled, but we're happy both are done.

Tova ROLLED OVER!!! Tuesday while David was at work, Tova was getting tummy time (never her favorite), and she completely rolled over from her belly to her back!!! She did it about 6 times and Kallie caught two of them on video. She even did it for her dad when he got home from work. But she failed to show off for her parents at small group that night. Oh well. We're super proud! According to's milestone chart, she's very early - only a few kids can roll over at 3 months, and she's not even three months yet. Even at 4 months, only half of the babies can do it. She's SO smart! But we knew that. She also sleeps 8 hours a night regularly (for the past few weeks). Best baby ever.

Kallie hung out with our friends Heather and Jessica this morning. It was really nice to spend some time with them apart from small group (on Tuesdays) or church. We love our friends!




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Jessica said...

That little mustache is GREAT! Along with all of Kallie's photos :)

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