Monday, March 16, 2009

Needed update

All of this house stuff has had us a bit busy! We will close by the end of the month, so that means there are only two weeks left that we have to stay in our apartment! (Though we'll rent a truck to move the bed, etc., on a weekend, so we're not positive when we'll actually start living there.)

Things that have happened:
As you know, Kallie signed up for the A Bryan Photo workshop in April. Then they announced the scholarship, so we made a video and still have our fingers crossed.

We went to David's old church in Tampa to see our friends Matt and Rachel Hires sing. Normally it's just Matt and we were very pleasantly surprised to hear Rachel join him this time. We had a great time visiting with family friends, though Tova got overstimulated by being passed around too much. Poor little girl.

We met with our mortgage broker two Saturdays ago and signed all of the paperwork. They already did the appraisal and we're waiting to hear back about everything.

We went to Layla's 2nd birthday party with our friends. It was so cute and we had a great time hanging out with everyone. That was after we met the broker, so we had a very grown-up day: mortgages and friends' baby's birthday party.

Clifton was in town from DC and we were so happy that he and Dusty came to visit, meet Tova, and get some ice cream. Clifton was one of David's roommates in college...a great friend!

We got our car fixed from the little parking lot wreck. The husband of the lady who hit us had called and offered us $50 to settle everything. We declined and said we need to have it appraised first. It cost over $400. $50 is no where near $400.

Kallie went to our church's first moms group - Access Moms. It was cute and she had a great time - excited to see where things go!

Kallie's grandparents from Vero Beach came into town this past Friday evening, as did her parents. They met Tova and we went to eat at Carrabbas. Tova needed to eat while we were there (it took forever to be seated and get our food, unfortunately), so Kallie tried to feed her under her Hooter Hider in the booth. Tova was not having it and squirmed like mad. It was a hectic dinner.

The next morning, the great-grandparents left and Kallie's parents, along with David's dad, met us at the new house with our Realtor to do a walk-through and write down everything that still needs to be done. It was fantastic to be inside the house again, now that we know it's ours!! Kallie did a few little jumps of excitement and Tova even woke up for a tour.

That night, we headed into Tampa to see the family. David's sister, Amy, and her husband, flew in from NYC. We all met up for dinner and had a great time. We especially cracked up about Amy's story of having her face licked on the subway by a crazy man. We agreed we hadn't laughed so hard in a while. Also to note, Tova is a spectacle. EVERYONE the entire night stopped everything they were doing and stared as Tova passed them. It was insane! You could hear all the whispers, "baby baby baby..." Haha, maybe she's meant to be a movie star. We kind of hope not.

Kallie took photos at church on Sunday for some new promotional items our pastor, Jason, it trying to get out. We're excited to see how all of it turns out!

And finally, we're headed into Brandon tonight to have dinner with sister Amy again. Fun times.

Here's the latest, some photos corresponding with stories above:
View them all here.
ps: she's not crying in any of these. if she looks like she is, she's actually talking and very excited/concerned. she was probably talking to he mobile thing that's on her swing. hilarious.


much love, dk&t

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