Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love cloth diapers.

So glad to be back using BumGenius diapers again. We had to use disposables during our crazy week in Birmingham and Jacksonville, since we weren't able to wash diapers every other day. We bought Pampers Swaddlers, since I had heard a couple people recommend them. They were easy to use and fit well. Tova seemed a lot smaller and lighter in them. But that wasn't worth the strong (and weird) diaper smell that overpowered Tova's adorable baby smell. Nor the diaper rash or dry skin from the diapers and disposable wipes. Since we're back on cloth diapers and wipes, Tova's diaper rash has completely cleared up and the parts where her skin was dry are flaking off, revealing healthy skin underneath. Not to mention no expense and no 500 year wasteland contribution.

Go BumGenius!

Love, K

ps - still catching up on TONS of stuff, but getting closer to being where I need to be. Haven't edited Tova photos in about a month and have several KBP projects to work on, so I'm not sure when Tova's will be a priority again...but I'm still taking her photo! More updates to come. Promise.

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anisha said...

I am so glad that you did all the research on diapers so that if I ever have kids I can just call you and get the scoop on what to buy. :-)

haha. miss yall. wish i could have seen yall at katies! cant wait till i can see you 2 and the tove again... soon!

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