Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sorry blogging world

We are still alive. Just very busy and without Internet so far. (I'm writing this on my phone - should be interesting.) We're into the new house and have been living here as of Saturday. Lots still left to do, but it's definitely coming together and looking like our home.

We've had two obstacles this past week:

First, we're all at varying degrees of sickness. It's all respiratory, though we think David had a fever at one point. Pollen, dust, new carpets, new everything, have all lead to Kallie's draining nose and dry throat, David's general nose and headache and fever issues, and Tova's stopped up nose that gives her trouble breathing and makes her gag. We've been running the ac to help grab up dust in the filters. We've also been keeping all of the windows open during the day to help air out and dissipate the carpet/etc fumes.

Second, we've had lots of plumbing issues. This is where things get interesting. Saturday was our first night in the house. Everything seemed okay except that the toilets were having some trouble flushing. The water would just go up and eventually the water dropped. So when Kallie was in the shower, it was about five minutes until the water started rising. David took a shower next and the water got up about five inches. By the morning it was down. We called our builder's supervisor Sunday and his plumber came that evening. He used a snake and said he just pulled out some toilet paper and a little debris. We thought that was strange, seeing as that would probably go through the pipes. But everything started working again, so we accepted it. Showers worked fine that night and we went on with laundry and dishes the next day (Monday). Toward the end of the day, with all of the machines going, Kallie started hearing the toilets bubble. We just kept an eye on it for about an hour. Then it started happening a lot, so Kallie went to look and all of the sewage was coming up from the bottom of our showers. We ran and turned off the dishwasher. Then we realized the washing machine drain was overflowing as well. We ran some more and threw down towels on the laundry floor. Then we called the supervisor right away. He tried to get in touch with his plumber for about an hour. We kept calling and eventually he told us to call a 24 hour plumber, which we promptly did. It was about 11pm last night. They showed up at midnight and the real fun began. Thankfully Tova slept through the whole thing:

At first they used a video camera on a wire and found a U shaped piece of PVC pipe. He couldn't quite get it, so we turned on all the water to try to push it down a bit. Then it got stuck again. So they found it with the video again and used a metal detector to find it's location in the yard. It was too far to get without cutting open the pipe, so they started to dig up the yard. What they found nearly blew us away. Under an irrigation pipe was our plumbing pipe with a massive gash out of it about a foot long and the whole width of the pipe. Insane!!! They cut out the hole and used the video to double check the rest of the pipe. The U shaped PVC was gone. Somehow it made it to the main sewer line. But there was a little piece where our line met up with another. Thankfully that was at an outlet that they just screwed open. So they replaced they two feet of pipe they cut out and then recommended that we get rid of our beautiful big palm tree because it's about a foot away from our sewer line.

SO, the things that had to happen to actually fix our plumbing:
Our builder's plumber didn't answer
We were able to call professionals and know that we would get reimbursed
The U PVC piece wasn't reachable
And it passed through to the hole
And it still wasn't reachable

Whoa. Thank goodness. Hopefully that's it. Back to work!

Love, dk&t

Photo to come when we get Internet!


Anonymous said...

What a groaner!!!!
Hope you guys get well soon!
mom & dadT

Clifton said...

woa - that's awful! Sorry you've had to go through all that! Glad the plumbing is fixed, and hope you all feel better soon!

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