Monday, May 25, 2009

Kodak Automatic 8 Movie Camera

Great news! Kallie Brynn Photography is going to start including an 8mm short film with the wedding package! David has loved working with video editing since high school, and he's really enjoyed putting together videos of Tova and other happenings as of late. He has recently been looking into doing 8mm film videos and started researching equipment. I walked into my newly redesigned office (yes I need to post pictures...I will one day...) the next day and picked up my GrandBob's old Kodak movie camera and realized it's an 8mm camera! It's so simple and I love it! We'll be ordering some film for it soon to practice shooting and editing. We're both VERY excited and can't wait to have new videos to share!

Also a big thanks to Bryan for giving us a little push in this direction at his workshop. He said nothing but nice things about David's editing and music selection, which got us pumped!! Bryan also mentioned me on his blog last week - excited about my first Cypress Album. Thanks for everything, Bryan!

Much love and excitement (many great things to come over the next few months!!),

EDIT: This offering is on hold until further notice. If you would like to hire KBP for this service, please don't hesitate to contact Kallie about pricing.

Burgers, Wiffle Ball, and Rain

A week ago from Sunday, we had all of our wonderful friends from Access over to celebrate buying a home and, more importantly, living in a place with such great people to get to know! David grilled burgers on the front porch while the sky fell down. We ate and the sky cleared. So then most of the group went to the park behind our house and played some wiffle ball, kick ball, and basketball (like Riff Raff on From G's to Gents, "all I had was baketbawl" - anyone? Anyone?) Tova was hungry right about then, so Kallie had to stay back and hung out with some other lovely ladies. It was a wonderful time and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of people to call friends. We're finally building the relationships we've trying to find since we left college. And even though we miss out on things from time to time with the craziness of a four month old and a photography business, we know they're all here for us. Such great people! You're welcome over any time!

Here is a video David put together from the sports fun:

Wiffle, Kick, and Basket Ball. from Kallie Brynn on Vimeo.

And here are photos we stole from Heather and Jessica's facebook profiles:
Ron shaved his beard! His little girl, Normandy is due to arrive today in half an hour!
There are even more on the Flickr website.

Much love, dk&t!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Harper's Portraits

Remember the adorable Harper from her First Birthday Party?? Her mother, Shelley, and I have been trying to get a portrait session set up for her for a long time, and it finally happened! I loved hanging out with my oldest Lakeland friend - Shelley's husband works with David and is the first person I met here! And taking photos of Harper was a hoot! I just need to start remembering to wear shorts in this hot Florida weather when I'm going to be chasing after toddlers!!



The rest are HERE!

Love, K

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet Blogging World

I was SUPER excited while catching up on blogs on my iPhone while feeding the Tove around midnight a few nights ago... I came across my name while reading one of the TOP wedding blogs, Elizabeth Anne Designs!

One of the photographers from Bryan's workshop, Kelly Merrill, has been guest blogging for Elizabeth Anne Designs and posted some pictures she took at the workshop. Look here now!

Granted, I'm just linked as being the person wearing the navy striped shirt, holding the Mamiya focused on Bryan...but still! It's pretty darn sweet. Really, after Bryan, I'm the second link in the blog post. According to Analytics, it didn't do terribly much to my website visits, but that's okay. I had a mention on Elizabeth Anne Design's and I'm quite excited and happy about that!

Thanks, Kelly!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day 2

Photos that our friend and fellow photographer, Tina Sargeant, took (parents, find them here:


Thanks so much, Tina!!

love, dk&t

Kallie's first Mother's Day!

Mother's Day

It was absolutely lovely. All of our parents came to town Sunday morning to come to church with us. Jason did a dedication ceremony for some of the kiddos at our church, and we were so excited to be a part of it!

David had to walk Tova around a bit during the sermon. They went back to the nursery and he put Tova in a jumper for the first time. She loved it! So we hooked up ours when we got home and watched her go to town.

We know we're very behind in updating Tova's photos for all the family out there, sitting on pins and needles. Many apologies, but Kallie is a bit swamped with photos at the moment. She'll get to them when she can - trust us, we want to see them, too!

Much love,

And Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mommas and moms-to-be! (We have about 10 preggers ladies at our church right now! It'll be babies galore in the coming months!)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cypress Albums

One of the many great things that came out of Bryan's workshop was getting to meet Dena Robertson of Cypress Albums. I have been searching for a new photo book option for a while and had written off Cypress as being unattainable. I knew Bryan has used Cypress Albums for a long time and have literally pined after them. You HAVE to watch this video and see the time put into every handmade album. It's amazing:

After meeting with Dena and digging into their offerings a bit further, I realized that there are some possibilities for Kallie Brynn Photography! Yay! The photo books I now offer will be Cypress' C Albums. To continue the personal care and handmade touch, I will be hand mounting beautifully printed photographs onto the pages of the albums. I just finished my first one for Melanie and Matt and am very excited about how it turned out.


The cover is made with Japanese bookbinding fabrics. They use beautiful Swiss ribbons on each book or presentation box. The pages are made in a mill on the east coast from cotton that is a by-product of the fashion industry. They are all acid-free archival. The pages are separated with beautifully textured vellum sheets.

These truly are gorgeous albums that will last for ages to come. Thanks to Dena and her staff for all of their help! I'm so excited!!

Love, K
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