Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Katie!

This blog title was saved, so I imagine I have the same post from last year. Cute!

This weekend was wonderful.

Friday afternoon, Kallie's parents came to town. We hung a swing on our front porch, steam cleaned rugs (still not done, though!), and did other things around the house. That evening, David's dad cam by and dropped off all of our landscaping plants we bought two weeks ago. Then early Saturday morning, we were all out digging and planting while mom played with Tova inside. Great deal. We got all of the plants in the ground pretty quickly. After a few last-minute projects, Larry took off, followed by Kallie's parents soon thereafter. We headed to Lowe's that evening to buy different mulch and scalloped cement edges, and have yet to finish and need to go buy more. When it's done, we'll have photos. No worries.

Sunday was a lovely day. We had a great time at church and then came home to water the plants and do some more yard work. Then we were off to Auburndale to celebrate Katie's bday with some amazing friends (including Julia, who lives in Colorado now and is on her way to Africa for two months with our friend, Monica (who we were lucky enough to see last weekend) to visit the wonderful Danielle, who is there with the Peace Corps!) We had a wonderful time, ate great food, and played a game of bocce ball. The sunset on the lake was beautiful and Kallie freaked out when she realized she didn't have her camera! After yelling for some type of camera, she grabbed Katie's iPhone, thankfully, and grabbed some shots:

The birthday girl!
And now lots of David and Tova! It was her first time in water, besides her bath!

love, dk&t

edit: ps - we can't stop Tova from rolling from her back to her belly constantly. If she's awake and laying down, she will roll. Then she gets stuck on her belly and flails about - beached whale. Then the cries begin. It's actually quite hilarious. And she's fallen asleep on her belly twice now. We'll be gone for one minute and she'll be sound asleep, flopped over. Such a big girl. Looking forward to the complete roll!

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Anonymous said...

Awww, I made it into your blog :0]
It was great to see you guys again!! And you make beautiful babies together... so keep that up.
Love, Julia

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