Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet Blogging World

I was SUPER excited while catching up on blogs on my iPhone while feeding the Tove around midnight a few nights ago... I came across my name while reading one of the TOP wedding blogs, Elizabeth Anne Designs!

One of the photographers from Bryan's workshop, Kelly Merrill, has been guest blogging for Elizabeth Anne Designs and posted some pictures she took at the workshop. Look here now!

Granted, I'm just linked as being the person wearing the navy striped shirt, holding the Mamiya focused on Bryan...but still! It's pretty darn sweet. Really, after Bryan, I'm the second link in the blog post. According to Analytics, it didn't do terribly much to my website visits, but that's okay. I had a mention on Elizabeth Anne Design's and I'm quite excited and happy about that!

Thanks, Kelly!


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