Monday, June 29, 2009


We're about half way through a self-imposed 'one month without high fructose corn syrup' (or anything with just "corm syrup"). We've cheated a couple of times, we admit it. But our main finding is that 1. hfcs is in most everything, and 2. there's usually a substitute that's just as good without it. It might be slightly more expensive, that's true. For example, every Organic product won't have hfcs in it (Organic ketchup is really good - we recommend it). And we all know buying Organic is a bit more expensive (though I've found buying Organic in bulk can equal out.) I think I've heard that we wouldn't be able to feed everyone if we all ate Organic, too - it's not sustainable. I still think it's the best option.

Anyway, from looking into our diet and seeing what's closest to REAL food and what has the fewest ingredients (and is therefore closest to real food), we made some permanent changes to products we buy. We're hoping to get closer to what our diet is intended to be - various foods that are whole and unprocessed - and less of the all-intruding corn and chemicals.

love, d&k.

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Anisha said...

I knew that you had a blog post about corn syrup and i searched back to find it... i wanted to tell you that if yall drink coke products, during passover you can buy "kosher coke" in the Passover food aisle (wherever that is) which is different from regular coke bc it has a yellow cap. you could just stock up. It does not contain HFCS!

I was pretty excited about that... hope you are at least a little too!

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