Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cloth Diapers, II

We have some friends who are planning on using cloth diapers soon, so I decided to write them an amendment to my blog post from several months back. We have also heard of others who reference the cloth diaper blog post from time to time, so I wanted to update everyone on some more tips and things we've figured out! If you don't like the word "poop," don't read on! ;)

HERE's the link to my blog post I did.

I haven't re-read it, but I think everything is there. I was mentioning last weekend that the key to no diaper rash is NOT using disposable butt wipes! The wetness of the wipes keeps your baby's butt moist and then you put the diaper on top, and it never has a chance to dry. So you absolutely need to get the cloth wipes and the butt spray. I recommended the BumGenius bottom cleaner in the last blog post. I still love it and love the scent, but I use a different one now. Much cheaper. Buy Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion in both the spray bottle (get two - one to keep at home and one for your diaper bag) and then the concentrate. And go to Walgreens or somewhere and buy bottles of Witch Hazel. Then just keep refilling the spray bottles. It'll save you lots of money. You just need a squirt or two (unless it's a poopy diaper) and one wipe and you're set.

A couple of other things to note -

When Tova was tiny, we just used one infant insert in each diaper during the day and then bought the doublers to lay on the diaper (not inserted) at night. (Those are also necessary for if you need to use diaper rash cream.) But I haven't used the doublers since. I guess if Tova gets diaper rash ever, I'll use them, but otherwise, I don't think they're necessary. At night, we could have just used the "older" diaper insert instead of the infant one and been fine. So I don't know that it's necessary to get those. If you do, just get a few. Tova is now wearing the regular sized "older" inserts, and at night we put an infant insert inside the diaper as well.

When the poop becomes more solid, you're supposed to flush as much of it as you can before putting the diaper in the pail. Other than gagging from time to time on fumes, it's no big deal. Just fold over the diaper and lay it to the side while you finish cleaning the babe. Then when s/he is all set and somewhere they can't fall, take the diaper to the toilet, grab some toilet paper, and grab it up and flush it - or, if you can just jiggle it off, that works, too. Some people "dunk" the diaper into the toilet. But I don't think I want to worry about dripping nastiness all over the floor. I tried some diaper liners that catch the poop and then you just flush it all. It makes the process even easier. But these are really rough! I wouldn't want it on my bottom all day, so now I'm just using them up as "toilet paper" to grab up the poo until they're all gone. sells some other ones that are supposed to be softer, but they're more expensive. I'll just deal with toilet paper for now.

Never hesitate to ask my questions!!

Love, Kallie

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