Thursday, August 6, 2009

Working on the Interwebs

There are several exciting new things that have happened!

1. Kallie did an overhaul of her website. Everything but the home page is done (not quite sure what to do with it yet.) Be sure to check out to see!
We especially love the new Albums section! Here's a letter from Eric and Amanda that's posted there:
"Eric and I just received our wedding album in the mail today and were absolutely floored at how beautiful it turned out. The album was so nice and was better than we could have ever imagined. You are a very gifted photographer and the photographs you took of our wedding day are priceless to Eric and me. The album you made for us was so much nicer than anything any of our friends received from their photographers. We will always cherish our pictures. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! P.S. You should charge more…you’re worth every penny.
XOXO, The Blocker’s"

2. There are over a thousand more photos of Tova from mid-April through July posted in her Proofs album HERE! She seriously gets cuter every day. We're having a blast. If I have the time, I'll post a selection on the blog, but for now, no time!

3. A good Tova story: For her evening nap last night, she took a long time falling to sleep, which was strange because she was exhausted. But we never went in to check. Then David went in to get her up when she woke up. She had taken off her socks. Those were on the ground. But the best part, which strangely took a minute to realize, was that her diaper was about a foot away from her body. And there was a circle of wetness around her bottom half. Haha, poor girl. She wasn't very excited about it, we don't think. It was so funny, though!! She must have had a cooooold tater!!

4. Eric and Amanda's wedding coordinator, Angela Newell, posted some of my pictures on her blog - check it out HERE.

Much love,

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