Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

We are so excited about what is in store for 2010!

David has a new project at work and Kallie is working to take KBP to a new level.

The past year has been absolutely incredible and life-changing. It exceeded expectations. Having a baby girl has been the most rewarding thing we've done with our lives, by far. We can't believe she turns a year old next week! Kallie has been working hard to design a fantastic party for T, so check back for photos (hopefully sooner than my usual turnaround!)


We believe 2010 will be even better than 2009. We love our little family, love watching T grow, and love our marriage.

Cheers to 2010!
love, dk&t

1 comment:

rachel.lyn said...

that picture is gorgeous.

since having a baby i really feel like i pushed a fast forward button on my life. time just flies these days!

happy one year birthday to your sweet pea! olivia's is in 12 days!!

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