Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More on Cloth Diapers

Over the past two months, an unfortunate thing started happening with our bumGenius diapers. We started to notice that they were leaking between the legs, not just occasionally around the thigh. This meant that the fabric was no longer leak proof. What!? Quickly, almost all of our diapers leaked all the way through after just one pee.

Knowing we were going to have to replace the whole batch, I started looking into new offerings. After doing some research for other moms in the past months, I noticed that the makers of bumGenius at had come out with the new Flip and Econobum diapering systems. All of the reviews are great for all of these diapers, so it was just deciding which key elements we wanted to keep and change.

Mostly, the velcro on the bumGenius diapers is a pain in the butt. The velcro curls, makes diaper snakes in the laundry, catches every piece of lint, and T can easily undo it. I'd say that was my main decision to find an alternative to bumGenius. Now that I can usually control T to not have fits on the changing table, I'm pretty confident that snaps won't be too difficult. I also didn't want to have to fold an insert. And I wanted T to be comfortable.

So we bought the Flip system with Stay-Dry inserts. They arrived yesterday and at first glance, I was skeptical. I hadn't realized that they aren't lined with cloth, so I was wondering how comfortable that would be for T. Then I realized, though, there's no need for the cloth lining since the diapers aren't stuffed. And when I put an insert into the diaper, under the flaps, I felt good about it not moving around and the stay-dry suede being super soft on T's skin. So far, I like them. T is on her third one today. She had a messy poo in the first one, and the cover got dirty. It was no big deal. I just dumped the poo into the toilet like normal and threw it all into the diaper pail. That's a big thing I love - not having to take out the insert. You just toss it all in with less hassle.

These diaper covers are meant to be reused, but after getting used to having 20 diapers to rotate, I didn't want to have to hand wash any covers or worry about wiping pee off of them. So we got 20 covers with 24 inserts (4 day packs and 12 covers (more colors that way)). I like the ability to reuse them if I need to, though. And with our purchase, we got a free package of the disposable inserts, so I'm saving those for a day trip to try.

A big bonus: the diapers are a bit smaller! T's butt looks a little less bootylicious, which I think is a good thing for a one year old. :) Cute!

TIPS! 1. While going through this process, I asked a representative what probably made the diapers leak. She said it's usually heat. Apparently a year ago when we bought our diapers, they didn't know that you should only air dry the covers, so we had been drying them with the laundry. Now we know to hang dry them and bought a drying rack at Ikea.
2. There is a year warranty on the diapers. If you feel, at any time up to a year after purchase, that your diapers need to be replaced, fill out THIS form and they'll be happy to make you a happier customer.

Hope this helps you cloth diapering mommas! Feel free to ask me any questions!

Love, K

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